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Aug 6, 2013

Jasmine Thai Intoxicates the Senses

Yes, there is an abundance of Thai restaurants. But to
 find the best of the best, one must search for the truth, look beyond the exterior and judge from within.

Since 1981, Jasmine Thai has been serving up some of the Bay Area’s 
most authentic Thai food.

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Posted by: dave

The interior of the South Tampa location is a 
balance between traditional Thai design and contemporary décor. Buddha and a smiling host greet you as you enter the quiet and peaceful space. Silk pillows accent the intimate, warm toned booths and intricately carved gold structures hang upon walls that are the color of a deep orange sunset. The ambiance is warm and welcoming and emits a calming and peaceful vibe. The staff is extremely pleasant and friendly, and the wonderful service adds to the serene ambiance.

Thai cuisine should reach a perfect harmony in taste and
 aroma, and Jasmine Thai exceeds this expectation. The menu offers a wide variety of traditional Thai cuisine, cooked with only the freshest spices and herbs, many of which are imported. They strive to make all of their dishes perfect, right down to the precise details like the fresh orchids that come with every
 entrée, or the jasmine rice that is molded into the shape of a heart. It is this attention to detail that makes the restaurant so special.

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